totalitarismo ! speculation! expropriation tentative in vila brandao

vila brandão is a 350 families community, existing since the 1940s. living in a – more or less - quiet way. Open to guests, a place of hospitality.

But aways involved in some kind of a fight...

• fishermen’s fight for free access to the sea – on the other side: the yachtclub
• residents fight for a childrens park – yachtclub, casa amarela are not enthusiastic...
• casa wildenberg – as torres – a real estate discussion bewteen investors, authorities, neighbours, priests and politicians, including the residents of vila brandão.

and now, all big fishes are in::
we’re talking about 11.000 m2 in salvador’s top location – a real estate fight between the misterious construction company Marka and the Yachtclub about a piece of land of 360 m2 which became 2.200m2 after getting the construction licence through the authorities... 40 years of „legal“occupation against a piece of paper with no legal qualification… the yachtclub wins in court … an other company coming into the play – ImoCom, portuguese multinational already involved in the Hotel-Hilton mega project in comercio, claiming 11.000 m2 as their own, including the territory of vila brandão, casa wildenberg and the yachtclub... Just a 3-4 years ago, Imocom bought a resident’s house… and wanted to buy more!
the city council decides to expropriate everybody – yachtclub and vila brandão... to create public space...
Strange, as most of the inhabitants already are paying IPTU for their houses - the local tax for landownership. Strange, as electricity, water, telefone are connected regularily to the inhabitants.
say no to totalitarian behaviour of politicians! no to real estate speculation in salvador! support vila brandão sign our petition here::

see a video here:: http://www.genwi.com/play/5867950

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