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Safia Mizon Thioune, 24 anos, estudante de linguas, é inglesa e mauritana. Cresceu em Dubai. Vem no Brasil como volontária na fundação Macedo, appoiando o combate ao Aids.  Lá, trabalhou quotidianamente 8 horas. E depois, a tarde: volontária na Casa Matria, em direto da sua residencia... na casa dos artistas, na Vila Brandão.

We love Music:: English Class
Casa Matria, Vila Brandao

by Safia Mizon Thioune

The classes aim to provide a fun and accessible overview of the English language to Vila Brandao's young residents. The first class, held on the 24th of May, saw half a dozen boys and girls show up- all with the eager intent of learning something new!

The classes are mostly based on an interactive approach: this is a key element to the teaching style as, not only does it demonstrate the students' overall level, but it also helps create a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Students are asked to contribute English phrases and words that they already know. In return, it's never hard to get a great discussion going as they are always keen to discuss what they know and are familiar with in English.

Much of the exposure that young Brazilians have to the English language stems from music and/or movies. Although it's important to eventually introduce grammar and further linguistic elements to the classes, it's equally crucial to incorporate what the students are already familiar with. With this in mind, the last class was based on popular music and everyone had a great time volunteering some of their well-loved songs & artists  - all in English, of course!

Salvador's schools have been on strike for several months now. Although private education remains unaffected, it is unfortunately not a privilege accessible to most of Vila Brandao's local residents. Whilst these English classes do not subscribe to any official curriculum, it is a wonderful thing to provide language skills to those who are otherwise unexposed to the language.