Vila Brandão / Salvador/Bahia: the place to realize your dreams.

BUEN VIVIR - good living for all!*

Casa Matria is an innovative center in Vila Brandão, offering on a non regular base holistic programming in empowerment, cultural arts, ecology, micro-economy and healing. Mixing and confronting different cultures on a face to face base, dividing knowledge by integrating – exchanging – learning from each other… that’s our answer to the social, cultural and racial ghettoisation of society. Better access to education and social, professional, cultural and sanitary advice will help to build up a more just and peaceful society. Sharing the privilege of a residence in a natural spot in the center of a metropolis, Casa Matria accepts the challenge to take care of the local environment.

Casa Matria is the possible meeting point between Vila Brandão and it's exteded neighborhood. All proposed activities and services will have a focus on art, culture, education, equal rights, ecology, a democratic society and the fight against prejudices and discrimination.

Casa Matria is the point to showcase your projects, to organize community actions, it is a place for meetings, workshops and gatherings, for rehearsals and trainings, for video-screenings and public discussions - it is a place for democratic processes. 
Casa matria is also open for concerts, dance performances, health- and meditation activities, festivities connected with cultural or educational purposes.
feel free to contact us & give us your project proposals!

More Infos to Buen Vivir 

Casa Matria is a work in progress - we offer residencies & workshop opportunities to openminded artists, scientists and worldtravellers. 

CASA MATRIA “the mother’s/matrix house” - the space to realize collective dreams!

work-room /  training space 

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