Buen Vivir - projects for a better world welcome!

Do you have any artistic - cultural - educational project with a socio-ambiental focus? 
Bringing people from other cultures into Casa Matria is one of our objectives :: learn from each other… feel the people around you and share your knowledge. Make the change & be part of it.

We are offering non funded residency programs for artists, scientists and citizenship-activists to spend a time developing and applying ideas and focusing on artistic, cultural or social activities. 
If you have projects, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We will help to realize your dreams as far as we can.

Actual residency project:
2017: Alex Lima Vasques: research in public advocacy
2016-2017: Tarisai Ngangura: Journalist, Researcher
2015: Jina Carmen - Arte-Educadora: Educação na Brandão: alfabetização e reforço escolar with a coeducational, ambiental e cultural focus
Former residency projects:
2015: Luan Gusmão (BR)/ UFBA , Poet & performing artist & Uri Menezes (BR)/UFBA, Videomaker & performing artist: Cine Club, Poetry & music meetings, ambiental action… 
2014: Caru Gonzales (ES)/ master of pedagogics : Kindergruppe with a coeducational, ambiental e cultural focus
2011 - 2013: Residency Frank Handeler (D) / coreographer: dance classes for the community 
2009: Residency Vilja Larosta (FIN) / urban architect: feasybility study & thesis: urban gardening, Vila Brandão 

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