Frank & Sailing Conductors presentation at Art Residence Casa Matria

Make your dreams come true ! 

Sailing conductors Ben und Hannes gave a lecture apresentation about their boat movie dream at Casa Matria!
Many people came especially from the arts scene, but also friends and people from the village to join the venture! The evening was a celebration on live and art and even the known DJ Jeronimo played his music for us ! Lucas Tanajura and other musicans and singers jamed together - combined the nations until four in the morning ! What a pleasure for the soul to be able to get courages- talented and dedicated people together ! to be continued - come and join our Casa Matria social and artistic adventures and join the club of people, that are interested in creatin bridges between cultures ! 

the art of living

thank you all for supporting our starting artistic residence in such a wonderful way

to be continued
Frank Handeler 

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